[slogan]We will create your place as you dreamed with high quality.[/slogan] [br top="50"] [column col="1/3"] [icon_box title="WARRANTY" icon="test_tube.png" link="http://ganbros.mn/?page_id=673&lang=en" show_button="yes" button_text="read more. . ."]Ganbros LLC guarantees to repair or replace any product with a manufacturing or material defect, for a period of three years and from date of purchase.[/icon_box] [/column] [column col="1/3"] [icon_box title="SERVICE" icon="private.png" link="http://ganbros.mn/?page_id=693&lang=en" show_button="yes" button_text="read more. . ."]Ganbros’s 7 steps of service uses seven steps to take you through the entire process of buying your dream home or place and makes the whole . . .[/icon_box][/column][column col="1/3" last="yes"] [icon_box title="ABOUT US" icon="leaf.png" link="http://ganbros.mn/?page_id=616&lang=en" show_button="yes" button_text="read more. . ."]Ganbros LLC was established in 2004, it origin began a wooden factory. To provide high quality and stylish products, Ganbros LLC has grown to . . . [/icon_box] [/column] [br top="50"] [product_slide title="Products" posts_per_page="8"] [br top="50"] [blog_slide title="News" posts_per_page="8"]